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Q: Why should my family sign up for the free Resource Kit?

A: The goal of The Resource Force is to engage all students in grades 6-8 and staff at participating schools to save energy. The free Resource Kits available through this program contain energy-saving items that make a real difference to save energy when used in the home.

By signing up for your kit, your family is doing your part to save energy and help the planet! The Resource Kit helps you save money on your home energy bill each year, and each completed sign-up also credits your school to help them earn cash rewards and gives your family an opportunity to win a cash prize.

Q: Who can get the Resource Kit?

A: ComEd customers (those who receive electricity from ComEd in their homes) associated with a school participating in The Resource Force are eligible to have a free Resource Kit delivered to their home. If your family received a Resource Kit from The Resource Force during a previous program year, you will not be able to receive another free kit at this time. However, your sign-up will still count toward the school and teacher program rewards.

Also, supplies are limited: The Resource Force is only able to give away 5,000 Resource Kits in the fall of 2017.

Q: Is the Resource Kit really free?

A: Yes. The Resource Kits are completely free for ComEd customers, including free shipping.

Q: Why are the Resource Kits free?

A: These kits are being provided in an effort to reduce energy usage. By providing these kits for free, we want it to be as easy as possible for every family to participate and help reach our goal to save 1 million kilowatt-hours of energy.

Q: What’s in the Resource Kit?

A: There are two types of kits. The kit you will receive is determined by the type of water heater used in your home.

Customers with natural gas water heaters are provided with the following:
The Resource Force Kit

Customers with electric water heaters are provided with the following:
The Resource Force Kit
*GPM = gallons per minute

Q: If I got a Resource Kit before, can I get another kit this year?

At this time, we are not able to send out additional Resource Kits to families who received a kit from The Resource Force during previous program years.

Q: What rewards are available?
  • $250 School Rewards: Participating schools will win $250 for every 100 unique Resource Kit sign-ups submitted by December 18, 2017 and credited to their school.

  • $500 Teacher Rewards: Participating teachers can enter into one or more $500 reward drawings when Resource Kit sign-ups are credited to them.

  • $1,000 Family Reward: One lucky family who signs up for their FREE Resource Kit will win a $1,000 prize. The winner will be drawn from Resource Kit request forms submitted.

  • Please note that to receive a Resource Kit and qualify for program rewards, your request form must be received by The National Theatre for Children by December 18, 2017.

Q: How can I keep track of the energy my school has saved and how many Resource Kit sign-ups are credited to my school?

A: At ResourceKit.org, click “Track Your School’s Energy Savings” at the top right of the page. On this page, you can type in your ZIP code, locate your school, see how many sign-ups are credited to your school and how many kilowatt-hours have been saved.

Q: Is there a deadline to sign up for a Resource Kit?

A: Yes. To credit your school for the school grand prize and be entered into the student and family prize drawings, your request form must be received by The Resource Force by December 18, 2017.

For the current program year, Resource Kits are available until December 18, 2017. Sign-ups will not be accepted after December 18. Again, supplies are limited: we are only able to give away 5,000 free Resource Kits. If we give away 5,000 kits before December 18, they will no longer be available.

Q: Can one person request enough Resource Kits for everyone at the school and can our school distribute them to everyone?

A: No. To receive a Resource Kit, each individual household must sign up independently. Only one kit is provided per household, and a unique residential address must be associated with each sign-up.

Q: How can I get a Resource Kit?

A: There are three ways to sign up for a free Resource Kit:

  1. Online at ResourceKit.org
  2. Call 1-844-452-1160
  3. Fill out the postage-paid form provided to each student
Q: How can I credit my school and my student’s science teacher with my sign-up?

A: On ResourceKit.org, a dropdown menu of participating schools is available for you to select your child’s school. Once you select your school, another dropdown menu of the participating science teachers is available. The paper sign-up form allows you to write in the name of your school and your school’s city.

Q: Will I be asked to buy anything if I sign up for a Resource Kit?

A: No. You will not be asked to buy anything. The kits are completely free.

Q: Will signing up for a Resource Kit add me to spam and telemarketing lists?

A: No. We will not share or sell personal information. We will only use your information to deliver your free Resource Kits to your home or follow up with you if there is an issue with your request. All personal information shared is kept private.